Charreah engages audiences around the globe 
on how to step into the lives we dream about. 
Bring her passion, insight and shine 
to your next event!
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Charreah engages audiences around the globe 
on how to step into the lives we dream about. 
Bring her passion, insight and shine 
to your next event!
Charreah Engages Audiences
with humor, love, and light
Charreah's Past Presentations and Appearances
Speaker at 2017 Europe Dating Awards and Conference, bringing dating professionals from across the globe to Amsterdam
Speaker at 2017 HerConference bringing college women around the country together
Speaker at ESSENCE Festival hosting relationships panels at the country’s largest cultural gathering with more than 400,000 people in New Orleans – her appearance led to a cameo in Girls Trip, the summer’s most successful film.
Host of 50 Shades of Sexy video series with Niecy Nash
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Professional Development 
Charreah has spent more than a decade climbing and recreating the corporate ladder in New York as an editor, strategist and entrepreneur. She has persevered through the great recession, corporate mergers, lay offs and the radical transformation in media to remain an industry leader.  
Go Hard AND Go Home: 
Banish Overworked, Tired for a Productive and Passionate Workforce
Best Audience:
- Work teams who want to increase performance and overcome workaholism together. 
- Teams shifting from a culture of “come in early and stay late” to “work your hours as scheduled.”
- Workplaces transitioning to results-based pay and compensation.

Every action in our life begins as a decision. Every decision impacts our destination. Going H.A.R.D. means making informed choices that feed you and your company. With the “Decisions = Destination” exercise, attendees get clear on how their choices impact their life and the entire company and a cheat sheet before making their next decision.  
After getting clear on what it means to Go Hard, your team is guided on the importance of Going Home to renew and recharge for optimal results. Empower your team to Go H.A.R.D. and go home!

At the end of the talk, your team will:
  •  Be clear on the difference in being busy vs effective
  •  Know how to Go H.A.R.D: Heart Actions. Researched Decisions.
  •  Understand the Importance of Going Home
  •  Know how to break free from a workaholic mindset 
  •  Know the benefit of going home on time every day
  •  Have experienced the impact of their choices through The Decisions = Destination Exercise
  •  Have their own copy of “Your SOSelfcare Checklist”
  •  Have their own copy of “Make The Right Choice Cheat Sheet”

Unlock Your Billion-Dollar Network
Best Audience:
- The professional or team that believes the easier way to success starts with the contacts in their devices and people they already know.
- Teams who want to better connect with and access their networks together over a period of 10 weeks.

Join ESSENCE Senior Editor and Life Strategist Charreah K. Jackson for a 10-week course to discover how to cultivate and manage your winning network to achieve financial breakthroughs, personal fulfillment, and the joy of living the life you are destined to lead. Learn proven skills to activate and strengthen every relationship in your life from your mom to your manager… because most of the biggest decisions impacting your life and career will happen when you are not in the room.

At the end of the talk, your team will:
  • Know the 8 essential roles in your network
  •  How to manage what is said when you are not around (what’s the affirmative or positive outcome of this? Can we say that?)
  •  Have 5 action plans to convert relationships to revenue
  •  Know the 8 network building mistakes to avoid, and what to do instead
  •  Have outlined their own network management strategy
  •  Know how to work a room and how to choose who to talk to
  •  Know why you can’t save your pitch for the elevator and how to tell when someone wants to be pitched
Love & Personal Development
Happily Ever Now: 
Create the Life You Crave
You deserve to live the life you dream about! I have been able to achieve my dream life twice already. I climbed from intern to senior editor at ESSENCE magazine within _ years of graduating college. But by the time I turned 25, I had battled cancer, been laid off from that dream job, and discovered the other woman was me. My setbacks became my fuel to design a life I love. 

Now, I am excited to share my winning strategy with you. Every day I wake up excited for a community of friends, family, and soul mates that keep me smiling, I get paid to make the world better, and I magnetize incredible opportunities. I spend my days empowering more than 13 million women to have a life they love as ESSENCE Senior Editor, an international love & career coach and author of Boss Bride: The Powerful Woman's Playbook for Love and Success. 

I want to use my strategies and “tricks” to help you discover and live out your Happily Ever NOW! 
At the end of the talk, your team will:
  • Be clear on what it would look and feel like to live your Happily Ever NOW
  •  Know how to put yourself and your dreams at the top of your to-do list everyday
  •  Know how to prioritize your life plan to have the life of your dreams and how to create yours
  •  Identify and know how to grow your Love & Success Squad
  •  Have created more space for your goals by knowing what to say “no” to
  •  Befriend fear 
Rave Reviews for Charreah's Work
"Charreah is a consummate professional, unwavering in her passion to empower women. I've been honored to work alongside her on several projects and the dedication to her craft is unparalleled."
Paul C. Brunson 
Mentor, Entrepreneur, & Television Host
the struggle is real...
"Each day I grow more optimistic about my career and more pessimistic about my love life. 
I fear I won't find a man who can understand, appreciate and compliment my hustle." - Valerie, TV Producer in LA
... so Charreah wrote a book for you! 
Boss Bride:
The Powerful Woman's Playbook for Love and Success 
In our society, women earn the majority of degrees and are increasingly bringing home the bacon - and frying it, with 40% of American households having female breadwinners. ESSENCE Senior Editor and author Charreah K. Jackson interviewed and researched more than 150 professional women including everyday powerhouses and famous faces for strategies to thrive in our personal and professional lives. This juicy and honest read includes insight from more than 1,000 years of marriage and career success by accomplished women and shares...
"Charreah's authenticity and ability to relate to single women makes her an ideal presenter. She provides realistic, research-based advice along with useful tools to create positive changes in your life immediately. She is a breath of fresh air for women who want more."
Koereyelle DuBose
President of the Single Wives Club
"Charreah is magnetic hosting discussions on love. She creates an atmosphere of intimate girl talk even with 2,000 attendees and big celebrity personalities."
Gina Charbonnet
ESSENCE Festival Empowerment Experience Executive Producer
"Charreah Jackson was a true inspiration to the young women at our inaugural Female Empowerment Event at Monroe College. The message was current and relevant to the issues they face on a regular basis. We were extremely pleased with the outcome and I highly recommend Charreah!"
Karian Wright
Monroe College Admissions Counselor
"Charreah provided a wonderful presentation for our Professional Women’s Group. The women described her session as interactive and inspiring."
Amy Tashjian
Director of East Coast Operations for Dress for Success
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